Residential Locksmith

Which are the different keyless lock systems opt from residential locksmith services?

Locksmiths are also known as an engineer of locks. Some of the locksmiths have skill sets in residential locking systems while on the other hand some of the professional locksmiths are specialists of commercial sectors.

A residential locksmith does not deal with all kinds of locks. Here are some of the other services that most of the locksmith’s offers.

Keyless security – a boom to your security

In this modern era of technology the key-less security systems has becomes very common and famous. These keyless security systems are widely using in all kind of buildings, houses and shops. Following are some of the different types of keyless security systems which are most popular type of keyless security systems. These type of locks are using widely in homes, offices, bank lockers, etc.

Biometric lock

In biometric lock your lock identifies you with the help of your fingerprint. This type of lock needs to install a software that can be done by a residential locksmith. After the proper installation of software, it will only open when you place your finger on the lock. The software will match your fingerprints with your stored fingerprint sketch or image.

Biometric lock systems are very expensive because of their latest lock technology and are usually biometric lock systems are used in highly security areas like the banks, government buildings, etc. The principal advantage of a biometric, in fact, all kind of key-less system is that you would not have to keep a key with yourself.

Numeric Lock

The numeric looks are very good option for your home, but they are bit more expensive. These types of keyless security systems use a numeric code in order to unlock your door.

Now these locks become very common in the buildings as well as in the house. In these locks, you have to dial a code which consists of numeric digits. This type of locks removes the need of making different duplicate keys and these types of locks also prevent you from the problems like misplacing of the keys etc. In case if you would forget the code of your lock then you do not have to worry. A residential locksmith has many tools to hack your numeric code lock.

RFID Card based Lock System

In this kind of the security system, a card is used to lock or unlock a door. This card is used in place of the key. This type of security systems are not common in residential venues but are mostly commonly used in offices and hotels. It is one of the most common services that have to be an offer by a residential locksmith.

People can call the residential locksmiths when they lost their keys and wanted to get some duplicate keys. This service of locksmith allows people not to change an entire lock if anyone has lost the key of the lock. If you locked yourself in a house, then do not panic.

You do not have to break the door or windows. Just call a residential locksmith who will be there within twenty minutes or more to rescue you.